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 About Outlook Health
Who is Outlook Health

Outlook Health is a national provider of discount benefits packaged together to compile the strongest forms of alternative healthcare available today.  Each plan offered through Outlook has been designed to provide the maximum savings obtainable in an alternative healthcare package. 

In the U.S. alone there are an estimated 40 million Americans without any form of healthcare coverage.  Rising costs for individual and family insurance plans have prevented the public's ability to afford the protection they need.  Outlook Health has taken every measure to remain the most affordable form of benefits available without sacrificing the quality of each network and benefit our members access.  With Outlook, you will have the protection you need, and the ability to afford it.

Outlook Health is not only providing a revolutionary new method of health care, but we can do it in ten minutes or less.  Outlook’s dedication to establishing an exceptional customer value is the essence of our vision.  At Outlook we realize just how difficult it can be to embrace the ideal health care options that you and your family need and deserve.

Outlook Health is built on...
Founders that have a combined experience of over 100 years dealing with various forms of Life Insurance, Alternative Healthcare, and financial services.  It was this experience that led Outlook founders to create the Outlook Discount Plans.  For years the industry has struggled to provide cost effective benefits that have large enough discounts to truly provide savings to the public.  Outlook went back to the drawing board and designed several plans that not only provide discounts on healthcare fees, but guarantees built into the plans to ensure the largest savings for all members. 

Experience is key.  Each of Outlook's officers have a background in the industry and understands the importance of quality benefits.  Each Outlook Health Member has the luxury of talking with highly qualified representatives in all of our departments that understand individual needs.

Outlook Health Offering...
Health coverage that is available to everyone.  Whether you are suffering from a health restriction, have a limited budget, or you are simply looking for one particular benefit, Outlook Health is the solution.  With savings in mind, Outlook doesn’t just sell discount health plans; members are taught how to use them to maximize their savings.  With programs like Patient Advocacy and the Low Price Guarantee, Outlook Members have the opportunity to achieve the highest savings on Prescription Drugs, Doctor and Hospital care, Dental Care, Vision and more.
Healthcare costs have become an epidemic.  Outlook Health provides a cure.
Outlook Health is here to help and to provide you with the information you need. Please contact us with any additional questions or for more information.


Prescription Card

• Save 15% to 55% and in some
cases more on Brand name and
Generic Prescriptions.
• Accepted by over 52,000 National

Dental Plans

• Save average of 30% up to 50%

• Over 61,000 dental practice
locations nationwide

Complete Health Care Plan

• 14 Total Discount Health Benefits 
• Over 400,000 National Providers
on the Largest networks in the


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