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Outlook Health Affiliate Program
What is the Outlook Affiliate Program?
How can you make money with Outlook?
What sets Outlook apart from other Affiliate Programs?
How are affiliates paid?
What if I am not a member of one of the listed affiliate programs?
How long is your Affiliate Tracking?
How do I contact Outlook for more information?
What is the Outlook Affiliate Program?
The Outlook Affiliate Program is an opportunity to make money while promoting Outlook's Alternative healthcare plans.  Using tracking devices from internal and third party software, we can track clicks, impressions, and most importantly sales driven from your website to ours.  It's an opportunity to make big commissions for enrolling individuals and families into an affordable healthcare plan.  With an audience this big, affiliates have huge opportunities to make money.  
How can you make money with Outlook?

By simply driving traffic to Outlook, you can achieve at least ONE sale per day with little effort.  Each month an affiliate can easily earn:

1 Sale a Day = 30 Enrollments

5 Sales a Day = 150 Enrollments

Minimum = $1200 per month!

Minimum = $6000 per month!

What sets Outlook apart from other Affiliate Programs?
Aside from the top commissions and 120 day tracking that Outlook offers, Affiliates gain some extra incentives when promoting Outlook Health Discount Plans.  We have revolutionized the industry with our unique healthcare plans.  Members can receive discounts on the largest national networks, guarantees that will beat the lowest prices in the industry, and FREE Phone-A-Doc benefits, something completely new to the healthcare industry.

Prescription drugs, and all related keywords, yield some of the highest search requests on the internet today, allowing for a very large audience to market to.  Americans ARE looking for affordable alternatives, and with GUARANTEES built into each plan, Outlook truly is the solution.

How are Affiliates paid?
Affiliates will earn $40 per sale on Individual plans that are sold, and $50 per sale on Family plans.  Commissions can be as high as $120 per Complete Plan sale.  Affiliates will be paid commissions based on the program they choose; ShareASale.com or ShareResults.com.
What if I am not a member of one of the listed Affiliate Programs?
No problem.  Simply click on sign up here and choose the Affiliate Program.  ShareResults.com is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks ensuring timely payments and a variety of reporting tools.  ShareASale.com has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most popular programs on the Internet. 
How long is your Affiliate tracking?
Outlook uses 120 day tracking cookies to ensure you receive credit for YOUR sales.  Additionally, Outlook has the technology to track mail-in requests, inbound phone sales, and multiple product sales for all Affiliates.  We do our best to make sure ALL Affiliates get paid for 100% of their efforts!


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