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 How Outlook Health Works
How Does An Alternative Healthcare Plan Work?

Discount health programs have been developed to bring savings to individuals and families that are currently paying out of pocket for all their healthcare expenses.  Whether you are looking for Prescription, Dental or even Chiropractic, participating providers in all of our plans have agreed to provide their services at a discounted rate.  As a member of an Outlook plan, you simply present your card at the time of visit and pay only the discount fee for the services performed. 

Each Provider has contracted with Outlook to provide a set discount on all of the services they perform.  Each Provider's fees have been reduced and they now have the ability to see a wider range of patients and/or perform a broader range of services.

Outlook Health provides savings through the same networks insurance companies contract with to obtain discounts for doctors, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies and other provider services. This means our members receive their care from trusted professionals through some of the largest networks in the nation! 

With several plans to choose from, you need to decide which benefits are most important to you.  Once you have decided which plan meets your needs, enrollment is easy.  You can apply online with a credit card or checking/savings account.  Once the brief application is complete and your payment has been applied, the membership cards and booklets will be immediately printed and express shipped.  Start saving now!

There are an estimated 40 million people without health insurance today due to work related, financial, or medical circumstances.
Outlook Discount Plans Are Ideal For

An Alternative to Medical Insurance


If you are uninsurable due to insurance underwriting requirements

If you are paying high premiums and can not afford traditional insurance



If you are between jobs without healthcare benefits

If you lost your benefits due to recent unemployment

Maternity or Surrogate Parents


If you are losing coverage or needing coverage for maternity

If you are a surrogate parent without coverage



If you are no longer dependent on parent or guardian’s coverage

Medical insurance complements


If you have a high deductible major medical plan

If you have limited insurance coverage and need more treatment
If your medical insurance plan does not cover prescriptions, vision, dental, and chiropractic benefits
Cobra or Access Expiration

If your current short term coverage is expiring and you need to cut costs

Maximizing Your Savings

Discount health programs can be VERY effective in saving you money if they are used correctly.  There are a lot of companies out there that do not give their members the proper tools to ensure savings.  That is why Outlook Health has developed several avenues to make sure all members are educated on the most effective ways to save money with the discount plans.  With Outlook, we don’t just sell you a discount plan; we show you how to use it effectively.

Steps to Save:

Before visiting a participating provider, contact our Member Services department and speak with a Patient Advocate*.  These representatives specialize in locating the best providers, confirming your membership and provider participation, and ensuring that you receive the highest negotiated discounts.
Always be sure to bring your cards with you, and once you leave the doctor’s office, feel free to call us back if you feel you haven’t saved.  Our advocates will contact your doctor’s office to make sure you did in fact get the most savings possible!
Be sure to use all of our available benefits.  When obtaining prescription drugs, be sure to call the mail order pharmacy and ask for our Low Price Guarantee.
When using any benefit, be sure the provider’s office calls the toll free number on the back of your card to obtain the proper discount for their services.
*Patient Advocacy not available in CA
Steps To Getting Started
  1) Enroll Online in one of the three Outlook Health Programs
  3) Complete the enrollment form and select a payment type.
  4) Submit your request with your payment and the enrollment will be processed immediately!
  5) Your networks will be activated and an Outlook Member ID number will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days
  6) You’ll receive your activated membership cards and booklets within 7-10 business days.


Prescription Card

• Save 15% up to 55% and in some
cases more on Brand name and
Generic Prescriptions.
• Accepted by over 52,000 National

Dental Plans

• Save average of 30% up to 50%
• Over 61,000 dental practice
locations nationwide

Complete Health Care Plan

• 14 Total Discount Health Benefits 
• Over 400,000 National Providers
on the Largest networks in the


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